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There are thousands of books and documentaries that you can read/watch. What we have done is a small selection, from the ones that we have read/watched, that we recommend to start with ; ) We hope you enjoy it!!



-”Frankie Manning” Frankie Manning and Cynthia R.Millman (disponible en español)

-”Swing, Baby Swing!” Norma Miller (half english/half italian)

-”Swinguin´at the Savoy” The memoir of a Jazz Dancer Normal Miller and Evette Jensen (disponible en español)

-”Jazz Dance, The story of American vernacular dance” Marshall &Jean Stearns

-”Doin´the charleston. Black roots of American Popular Music&the jenkins Orphanage Legacy” Mark R. Jones

-”Moving to higher ground: How Jazz can change your life” Wynton Marsalis, Geoffrey C. Ward. (disponible en español)

-”How to listen to Jazz” Ted Gioia (disponible en español)

-”Babylon girls. Black women performers” Jayna Brown


-”Jazz, la historia” a series of documentaries covering Jazz History, by Ken Burns (link in Spanish, you can find it in English too in youtube)

-Spirit moves You can find many extractsit in youtube or buy the whole footage online



-”Jooking´" Katrina Hazzard-Gordon

-”Blues” Ted Gioia (disponible en español)

-”Stomping the blues” Albert Murray


Step it up and go (anything from Folkstream web is amazing

BLACK DANCE (We find it very hard to put it under only swing or blues category)


-”Ballroom, Boogie, shimmy sham, Shake” Julie Marnig

-”Steppin´on the blues. The visible rhythms of African American Dance” Jacqui Malone

-”Dancing many drums. Excavations in African American Dance” Thomas F.Defrantz



-13th (netflix)

-Slavery by another name .The Re-enslavement of black americans from the Civil War to world war II” de Douglas A. Blackmon (It has a book as well. Solo en inglés, solo en versión kindle)

-Any video in youtube explaining the concept of redlining.

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